Caravan Accessories for People Travelling with Dogs


Travelling with a dog can be incredibly rewarding and fun, but if you don't have the right supplies, it can be hard. Before you take your next journey with your furry friend, make sure you have the right dog-friendly caravan accessories.

Take a look at these fun and functional essentials:

1. A crate and anchor

Ideally, your dog should not roam free in your caravan while it is in motion. To keep him safe, he should be in a crate, and you should anchor the crate to something stationary in the caravan. This prevents it from flying forward if you have to stop suddenly.

If you want your dog to ride next to you, he can safely ride in a passenger seat if you invest in a dog restraint.

2. Temporary outside play area

Once you get to your camping destination, your dog needs to get out and run around. Ideally, you should pack a few accessories in your caravan so that you can easily pop up a pet play area anywhere.

You can buy temporary fencing or a pop-up pet playpen. Alternatively, you can buy posts that you hammer into the ground and then leash your dog to them.

3. Doggy stairs

Before starting on your journey, make sure that your dog can easily climb and descend the steps leading to the door of your caravan. If he struggles with them and he is too heavy to lift into the caravan, invest in some doggy stairs. These can be attached to your caravan and they are less steep than most caravan steps, making them easier for dogs to traverse.

4. Pet bed

In many cases, pets can sleep with you in the beds built into your caravan, but if you prefer your dog to sleep on his own, consider investing in a pet bed. To save space, you can buy inflatable pet beds, which are perfect for a caravan journey.

5. Rescue pet sign

If possible, buy a "pet inside" sign and affix it to one of the windows of your caravan. If your caravan starts on fire or if you crash it, this sign will alert the rescue workers to the fact that there is a dog inside the caravan. As a result, your dog is more likely to be saved. If you are incapacitated and unable to help, a sign like this may save your dog's life.

Look for caravan accessories in Melbourne or your local area for more ideas.


6 January 2016

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