3 Safety Measures To Protect Yourself While Camping During Hail Storms


Hail storms can not only put a dampener on your camping experience, but they can also make your camper van unsafe if you're unprepared. While you probably check the weather before your camping trips, sometimes it can turn on you almost instantly, leaving you exposed. This guide equips you with safety measures to properly prepare and protect yourself while camping in hail storms. 

Cover Your Windscreens With A Trailer Protector

Trailer protectors are available to safeguard your windscreens and windows from potential hail damage, especially if they are the size of golf balls. In case of a situation where hail stones fall around your campsite, be sure to cover your trailer as much as possible to protect the glass from shattering. Keep in mind that you will need time to cover the entire camper trailer, so consider practicing it a couple of times before you go camping, so that you're not caught off guard during the hail storm.

Take Cover In A Protected Parking Shelter If Available

If you're feeling unsafe inside the trailer or on the campsite, your best option is to look for covered parking shelter, if available. While this may not always be the case if you're camping in isolated territories, there may be a possibility to seek protected shelter if you're not too far from a town. A covered buffer between your camper trailer and the hail stones is a good option to protect the vehicle from major damage. No matter what you do, don't expose yourself to a hail storm because you could severely injure yourself, or even lose your life.

Consider A Smart Location To Park Your Campervan

With hailstorms come the possibility of heavy winds, rains, lighting and thunder, which could potentially cause loose branches to break and fall to the ground, so don't make the mistake of parking under trees, because the unpredictable weather could end up seriously damaging your trailer. You also don't want to be caught in large, open grounds, because you'll be left exposed to the elements. If possible, look for low-lying areas in valleys or ravines and park your campervan there until the hail storm ends to to avoid becoming an easy target. Always have a first aid kit inside the campervan to ensure that you have the right supplies for tackling any injuries. Don't move your vehicle until the storm passes and you feel safe again.

Follow these guidelines in your quest to protect yourself from a hail storm while on a camping trip in your campervan.


24 February 2017

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