Finding the Perfect Holiday Park: 3 Things to Consider


If you have recently purchased a caravan and you are planning your first trip, you may be looking for the ideal holiday park. Below is a guide to three things you should consider when booking a spot in a holiday park.

Location, Location, Location

When it comes to finding the perfect holiday park, the location should be the first thing on your mind. There are a plethora of holiday parks located across Australia, so you should narrow your options down before you start your search. You should ask yourself what kind of break you want to enjoy. If you like to swim in the sea, you will probably want to find a holiday park which is close to the coast. However, if you want to observe some wildlife, you may be better off looking for a holiday park which is located deep in the Outback. Once you have shortlisted holiday parks in locations which meet your needs, you can go on to consider some other factors.

The Proximity to Local Towns and Cities

Once you have set up camp, you may wish to explore local towns and cities so you can do a spot of shopping or soak up some culture. If this is the case, you should check which towns and cities are within driving distance. Of course, you may be trying to get away from it all, in which case, you may wish to check that you aren't too close to major urban areas. If you are planning to stargaze, you should try to avoid large cities and towns, as they produce a lot of light pollution which will obscure the night sky.

The Range of Facilities on Offer

The facilities on offer can differ significantly between various holiday parks. Some holiday parks feature modern conveniences such as electricity, fresh water, toilets and showers. Family-friendly holiday parks may feature evening entertainment, restaurants and small shops. However, there are some holiday parks which offer a more basic service. In the more basic holiday parks, you will just have access to a pitch where you can park your caravan and not much else. Before booking your place in a holiday park, you should check out the facilities on offer to make sure they match your needs.

If you would like further advice about finding the perfect holiday park, you should make contact with a local camping company today for more information.


11 July 2017

The Great Outdoors: Camping

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