How Do You Choose an Ideal Caravan Park When Camping?


One of the things people enjoy doing in summer is to go camping. If you are going camping with your friends or loved ones, or you simply want to rough it in style, you may consider using a caravan. Caravans are small homes on wheels that are used by campers to make the trip enjoyable by offering some additional comforts.  If you have decided to go camping in a caravan, it's important to know how you'll find an appropriate campsite or ground for your caravan.

20 April 2019

Finding the Perfect Holiday Park: 3 Things to Consider


If you have recently purchased a caravan and you are planning your first trip, you may be looking for the ideal holiday park. Below is a guide to three things you should consider when booking a spot in a holiday park. Location, Location, Location When it comes to finding the perfect holiday park, the location should be the first thing on your mind. There are a plethora of holiday parks located across Australia, so you should narrow your options down before you start your search.

11 July 2017

3 Safety Measures To Protect Yourself While Camping During Hail Storms


Hail storms can not only put a dampener on your camping experience, but they can also make your camper van unsafe if you're unprepared. While you probably check the weather before your camping trips, sometimes it can turn on you almost instantly, leaving you exposed. This guide equips you with safety measures to properly prepare and protect yourself while camping in hail storms.  Cover Your Windscreens With A Trailer Protector

24 February 2017

Caravan Accessories for People Travelling with Dogs


Travelling with a dog can be incredibly rewarding and fun, but if you don't have the right supplies, it can be hard. Before you take your next journey with your furry friend, make sure you have the right dog-friendly caravan accessories. Take a look at these fun and functional essentials: 1. A crate and anchor Ideally, your dog should not roam free in your caravan while it is in motion. To keep him safe, he should be in a crate, and you should anchor the crate to something stationary in the caravan.

6 January 2016